Pictures From The Yearbook

Thomas Brady

Arguably, March 15, 1948 remains the most shocking day in PMA history. While practicing at W. 61st St. and Columbus Ave. for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Parade, Power students were fired upon by a gun wielding 'madman'. Thomas Brady, a 15 year old sophomore, was killed and 6 other students were wounded back in 1948. The first 7 pictures in this album are taken from the 1948 yearbook. The last 7 pictures are of clippings from a scrapbook compiled by Fred Weiss, one of the wounded students. Thanks to his gracious donation, the scrapbook is now a part of the PMAAA archives. Although it is a tragic story, it is also a compelling one…a human story, a New York City story, a Power story…and one that we should always remember. 

Pictures From The  Scrapbook